For the first time in history, we managed to get the biggest names of the make-up world under one roof. The Makeup Institute Prague has opened its door to the most creative make-up artists, hairdressers, stylists and photographers who have been through many years of hard work and that have incredible work experiences including their unique know-how. All these star names are ready to pass on their experience to new talented students during professional make-up courses in our institute.

Hristina Georgievska

A distinctive make-up artist on the Czech market, originating in Macedonia. She has been doing make-up since 1995. Hristina Georgievska is one of the most creative make-up artists in the Czech Republic, one of the few to work on avant-garde projects, which are still scarce here.

Sasha W. Isar

A make-up artist with more than 21 years of experience that has had many successes here and even abroad. Sasha W. Isar worked with foreign photographers such as Mathias Heitman, George Curtis, Jerome Albertini a Phill Griffin. Today, his focus is on movie makeup.

Filip Novák is a creative make-up artist and a designer who has created countless iconic and provocative looks. He was featured in the fashion shows of Vivienne Westwood, StarDance, Miss Universe, Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas. He worked as an M.A.C. trainer and now works as the main make-up artist of Douglas perfumery.

Janka Letková

A make-up artist with many years of experience. She identifies with the thought that „Makeup does not change a woman, it should only enhance her beauty and boost her self-esteem. “Janka works with leading Czech photographers and works on fashion weeks, important events and with famous celebrities. She recognizes clean, modern and fresh make-up.

Zuzana Buriánková

A distinctive Czech make-up artist, Zuzana Buriánková, has studied and worked in London as a make-up artist. She has done countless advertisements, shootings for leading magazines and videoclips. She works with the top Czech and foreign productions.

Simona Bártová is one of our most popular wedding make-up artists. She has been dedicated to brides for 13 years and has an average of 80 weddings a year. She also leads a well-known consultancy at idnes.cz. She has been lecturing and presenting for different brands for more than 10 years.

Barbora Mlezivová a make-up artist and a stylist that is fond of clean and beautiful makeup. She focuses mainly on personal clientele. Bara has done a lot of creative photoshoots and fashion shows. She collaborates with JOY Magazine and has done make-up for fashion shows of Fashion TV, the project Sci-Fi safari and more.

Gabriela Tesaříková A lecturer of the basic techniques and personal seminars. She deals mainly with personal clientele, works with major photographers and designers. She has done many interesting projects on the fashion scene. She prefers clean and natural makeup. She puts emphasis on clear interpretation and interactive form of teaching.

Silvie Hadžiefendič
A make-up artist and a hair stylist with many years of experience. She works with leading productions in the Czech Republic and abroad. She does makeup and hair for magazine front pages, fashion shows and commercials. She prefers perfect naturalness and beauty of every woman.

Markéta Šlapáková
A make-up artist and a hairdresser with many years of experience in a hair salon, fashion shows and work with photographers. She worked in the team of renowned hairdresser Libor Šula in the BOMTOM studios. Thanks to this experience, she is ready to pass on her knowledge to make-up artists, that cannot live without the knowledge of hair styling.


Lukáš Dvořák One of the most prominent Czech photographer who has made his name visible even abroad. He prefers maximal naturalness and black and white photography. His photos were published in many foreign magazines such as Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire and others.


Nikola Šrajerová A phenomenon of the beauty and hair industry. Nikola has been a photographer since 2003 and has had many top Czech hairdresser and beauty brands as her clients.

Zdeněk Buchlák A talented photographer with many years of experience from the fashion and beauty industry. Although he originally wanted to do reportages and documentaries, he is now engaged in portraits, fashion and advertising photography. He likes simplicity, softness and natural elegance in his photos.


Jan Černý Recognized photographer that focuses mainly on portraits. He has many years of experience from the field and that combined with his creativity adds originality to his photographs. He likes naturalness and precision.