international basic make-up course

The Make-Up Institute Prague offers A BASIC professional make-up COURSE for beginners, specially prepared just for those of you who are starting in this field and have no previous training and experience. This 40 HOURS COURSE will help to START your career as a professional make-up artist. Are you interested in more information? Read more or send your application…. In this course, you will learn HOW TO start a career as a make-up artist!

We also offer a make-up retraining course designed for beginners WHO JUST ENTERED the makeup industry. THIS COURSE teaches basic techniques and tricks which you learn easily AND IN A controlled ENVIRONMENT. In addition, you get hands on experience IN the world of make-up ARTISTRY. WE will start from the very beginning, so this course is suitable for you even if you are new in the beauty industry.

ONE big advantage of choosing our Institute is our independence from any make-up brands, so you gain valuable insight into A WIDE RANGE OF products and various players in this field. If you want to make your dream come true and become a professional make-up artist, you can start right now. Great atmosphere CREATED BY our professional instructors will MAKE IT easy for you to soak up knowledge, SKILLS and learn some of the TRICKS used in the makeup industry.


In this course you will learn all basic techniques. After this you can continue and start improving YOUR skills in bridal makeup, special event make-up, or consulting services. You can utilize YOUR creative potential and improve it in areas such as fashion, photo make-up, television, AND film.

Advanced courses provide hands on experience under a supervision of our instructors who ARE available TO ASSIST YOU any time.  You can choose from our countless courses, for example, wedding MAKEUP AND MUCH MORE. If YOU ARE NOT SURE what course to choose AND would LIKE SOME ADVICE, WE ARE HERE TO HELP you. Every graduate student is also eligible for free marketing course. We realize how essential MARKETING is for a successful career in make-up business, especially WHEN COMBINED with good hygiene habits and, of course, the necessary talent.



THIS entire course takes PLACE OVER five remarkable days. AND you can plan your attendance depending on your schedule. The Basic Pro course is offered weekly, on weekends or combined. Each lesson BEGINS WITH a theory, which includes a lecture and a practical demonstration. A second half of this course is devoted to applying and practicing the knowledge and skills under a personal guidance of our professional makeup artists. The last day of this course is in a form of written and practical test. IF MAKEUP ARTISTRY IS RIGHT FOR YOU, YOU NEED TO devote YOURSELF to YOUR DREAM. WE ARE HERE to help you to fulfill that dream. Your success is our success. Thanks to our cooperation with a MAKEUP Agency, we are able to UTILIZE contact WITH photographers, advertising AGENCIES, wedding agencies and other MEDIA PRODUCTIONS from ALL OVER THE country TO prepare you for this PART of your career. THIS IS CENTRAL TO THE success of our graduates.


Day 1 – Hygiene & preparatory techniques, selection and application of basic makeup, product knowledge (brushes, materials and their functions)

Day 2 – Face correction & bronzing, classification and application of a blusher

Day 3 – Eyebrows, eyeliners and eyeshadows

Day 4 – Lip correction, lipstick, lipgloss

Day 5 – Daily makeup, evening makeup, and different makeup styles



We have the best teachers in the field of makeup and beauty. Our instructors are professional makeup artists with years of experience and practice:

Janka Letková is a make-up artist WITH Bobbi Brown. She specializes in a clean and fresh make-up STYLE.

Zuzana Machalová is a creative make-up artist with international experience and a great career in London.

Barbora Mlezivová, in addition to makeup styling, IS also constantly looking for new makeup techniques and inspiration.

You gain access to all of our teachers, so you can RECEIVE advice FROM these personal make-up trainers.


More TO THE POINT, you BECOME a PART OF the DREAM TEAM and obtain a CERTIFICATE THAT opens door to THE MAKEUP INDUSTRY! Every successful graduate will gain hands on experience and confidence. On top of that, you obtain a proof of your professional skills, ie Certificate FROM THE Makeup Institute OF Prague and Retraining Certificate in the field of Visage and Paint Counselling, both accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

You get 20% discount on your first makeup kit that is essential FOR a career as a makeup artist.



– Basic techniques of makeup ( daily, evening makeup, consulting)

Certificate Make-Up Institute Prague and Retraining Certificate in the field of Visage and Paint COUNSELLING

-Reference Letter

Marketing course for makeup artists FOR FREE

20% discount on products in MUIP

-Consultation with the Agency for makeup

-Membership TO THE MUIP

Workshops, lectures and presentations FROM makeup brands (MUD Designory, NARS, MAC, Inglot, ParisBerlin, PARISAX, Make-Up Studio , DaVinci)

STUDY: week, weekend

IN TOTAL: 5 days, 40 hours ( from 9:00 am -5:00 pm)

COST: 7 900 Kč


20.08. – 24.08.2018 ( Monday – Friday)